Organising committee


Eran Ginossar is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Physics and Advanced Technology Institute at the University of Surrey. He joined the University of Surrey in 2011 where he held an EPSRC fellowship until 2014. His research interests include interaction effects in mesoscopic systems, quantum optics, quantum optimal control and recently topological states. He specialises mainly in superconducting circuits as platform for realising quantum processors and hybrid devices. Superconducting circuits is a physical architecture that is rapidly progressing in creating viable devices for quantum information processing at the intersection between quantum optics and solid state.


Eytan Grosfeld is an Associate Professor in the Department of Physics, Ben-Gurion University, Israel. His group conducts research on topological states of matter, including non-equilibrium dynamics, entanglement measures, properties of topological insulators, properties of topological superconductors and Majorana fermion physics. He is interested in manifestations of topological order in ultra-cold atomic gases, semiconductor-superconductor heterostructures, superconductors, circuit QED and polaritons.


Marzena Szymanska is a Reader (Associate Professor) in Department of Physics and Astronomy at UCL and the London Centre for Nanotechnology. Her group’s research concerns far from equilibrium quantum collective phenomena in dissipative and driven quantum systems such as non-equilibrium phase transitions and superfluidity; quantum coherence, decoherence and disorder, entanglement and topological protection. She focuses on light-matter systems ranging from semiconductor microcavities, quantum wells and wires, excitons, polaritons, circuit and cavity QED systems, ultra-cold atomic gases and Feshbach resonances, and lasers.

Key dates

  • Abstract submission deadline: [extended]
    1 March 2018
  • Registration deadline:
    13 March 2018